Collisional Orogeny in the Scandinavian Caledonides

Towards COSC-2

While the COSC science team is working hard on samples and data from COSC-1, planning for COSC-2 proceed and the relevant information is presented below. Previous information on these pages about COSC was moved to "COSC-1".

Check also out the summary paper about COSC-1 in Scientific Drilling and the COSC-1 operational report.

Workshop announcement


Scientific drilling through the basal Caledonian d├ęcollement and
into the basement of the Fennoscandian Shield

Monday, 12th to Wednesday, 14th October 2015
Park Inn Hotel, Uppsala, Sweden

Programme outline:

Monday, 12th:

morning: arrival in Uppsala

12:00 lunch

afternoon: COSC-1 review and introduction to COSC-2; site investigations

Tuesday, 13th:

all day: COSC-2 scientific targets, working groups, science team

additional work, siting, financing

scientific planning

evening: workshop dinner

Wednesday, 14th:

morning: The COSC-2 ICDP full proposal (to be submitted by 15th January 2016)

other proposals (if time allows)

13:00 lunch

afternoon: departure

Accommodation and food will be covered by COSC. The participants are responsible for arranging their travel. Funds for travel support are very limited and a request needs to be motivated properly.

Application deadline: 15thAugust 2015

Please send your application to Please include a short summary of your scientific background and indicate your interest in COSC to help the organisers and for distribution to the participants. Thank you!

We aim to distribute the available places in a way that supports all scientific disciplines and promotes an international COSC-2 science team. You can expect our answer by the end of August.

Christopher Juhlin & Henning Lorenz, Uppsala University

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